Please complete the Client Information Form for each person coming in. Please complete the Child-Adolescent Information Form for anyone under 18. 12 and under should be done by a parent, 13 and older should fill it out themselves. You will also find an Informed Consent, and a statement of Privacy Notices. The first one I will need to have you sign either ahead of time or at our first visit. The other one I just need to be sure you have a copy of if you’d like one. I will offer them at our first visit but you can view them here.

Client Information Form (Printable only) or (Fillable) *** Bring To First Visit
Informed consent for Teletherapy or (Fillable) *** Fax this form to 614-777-6375
Child Adolescent Information Form *** Bring To First Visit under 18 years old
Informed Consent or (Fillable) *** Bring To First Visit
Notice Of Privacy Practices
Receipt of Privacy Practices or (Fillable) *** Bring To First Visit
Release of Information
Agreement for Parents